Risks and Mistakes are Inevitable.

As defined by the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, safety defines activities that seek to minimize or to eliminate hazardous conditions that can cause bodily injury.

There are innumerable risks to human safety and the management of those risk to ensure a safe environment is a task that is imposed on every human being from the earliest age as a genetic imperative around which cultural taboos, social norms and engineering, in all its aspects, cocoons society and its members.

Risk Management is all about identifying safety risks and putting in place controls to minimise or eliminate those risks. Errors and mistakes are an inevitable part of human development be it as a child touching a hot surface, tripping over, ingesting inappropriate materials to their elders speeding, utilising infectious needles or simply loosing control with legal or illicit drugs.

Mistakes can often be as good a teacher as success, (Welch, Jack) if you survive. If you don’t of course that meets the genetic imperative. The Darwin Awards make light of some of those issues. Unfortunately one person’s mistake, sometimes remote from the final outcome, can lead to the deaths of many whose loss to humanity should never be underestimated.

Safety First!

What makes a computer application used in the health care industry safe?

Simple answer is we do!

All tools – cars, aeroplanes, hammers and chisel are extremely safe until a human decides to use them.┬áMind you an unused tool is not really a tool at all and a computer application that is not used is of no intrinsic value to anyone. It is only when the button is pressed, the icon released or the message sent that those relying on the accuracy of the underlying systems and the human input provided are in receipt of a benefit or harm as a consequence.

Many applications look fantastic, attractive and modern but are incredibly unsafe either in their own design, the systems they reside upon, the messages they send or the lack of skill of the human at the interface.

This site hopes to look at all aspects of creating safe health information systems and the issues the applications development.